Youthfix Program

(Youth Shorts) Curated films from some of the most established, well-regarded youth filmmaking programs in BC—Young Moviemakers and Gulf Islands Film and Television School. The series of shorts showcased at the 20th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival - Special Presentation Youthflix Program

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1. Short Film Group: Gulf Islands Film and Television School

For over 20 years, The Gulf Islands Film and Television School (GIFTS) has been fostering the creative growth of junior (age 10–14), youth (15–18), adults (19+), school groups, French immersion schools, and aboriginal bands from around the world. Our spring and summer “Media Intensive” programs at our live-in facility have proven to be successful not only in equipping students with theoretical and technical training in media production, but also in increasing confidence and self-worth. As pioneers in the digital media revolution, GIFTS’ instructors are industry professionals who understand that new media producers must appreciate the importance of a good story well told, and have the ability to weave the technical with the creative using limited resources. This unique learning model has inspired and resulted in emerging media makers that can realize their true talent and potential. Every student leaves with a completed short film in our 6 or 13-day courses. The emphasis is on independent do-it-yourself rapid production, helping students to become media artists, not just cogs in the entertainment industry. Our students leave GIFTS empowered to continue to create.

Screening: Killer Fashion, The Music Box, Roadsides and Pillowcases, Oceans 62

2. Short Film Group: Young Moviemakers

Young Moviemakers is an award-winning acting and video production program for children and youth ages 5–17. Participants learn the importance of visual storytelling, scriptwriting, acting, editing and more, through the creation and production of a short film. With the help of our experienced instructors, participants work in groups to develop and produce their work, which is then premiered in front of family, friends and the community. Young Moviemakers also provides unique opportunities for older, more experienced youth to develop leadership skills through volunteer and work experience within our various programs.​ Our unique programs teach participants valuable life skills that they can apply to their daily lives. Besides learning communication, collaboration, acceptance, confidence, and building self esteem, the technical skill set we teach directly transfers to the school and work environment; many of our participants go on to work in Vancouver's film industry.

Screening: The Trail, Mansion On The Hill, Young Moviemakers Got Talent