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Over the last few months, VAFF has outreached to numerous writers, actors, filmmakers and regular people across North America to submit to our AIM Casting Calendar Project and AIM Writers' Logline Campaign. We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and heartfelt encouragement for our advocacy efforts to increase Asian Canadian and Asian American representation in front and behind the cameras.

Therefore, to allow for a greater number of people to get involved and to get familar and informed about these issues, VAFF has decided to expand our campaign over a one year period with 4 quarterly deadlines - Sept, January, May, August.  At the end of each quarter, 3 Casting winners will be selected along with 3 Logline winners. A movie poster of each of the winning Loglines will still be created featuring the Casting winners. Then a 3 month digital calendar will be produced and these will still be promoted and sent out online to filmmakers, directors, producers, studios, casting directors and production companies.

All unselected submissions will automatically be carried forward to the next deadline, so there is no need to resubmit.

THANK YOU again to all those that have already submitted and the first 3 winners will be announced in November.  Please encourage others to submit as we want to create a large database of writers and casting talent to support and promote.


For over two decades VAFF has been a strong advocate for increasing Asian representation in front and behind the camera in mainstream media.  However, with the recent rash of white actors being cast in place of Asian characters and the outcry against this erasure of Asian representation in media, VAFF feels compelled to do its part in continuing the advocacy work started by so many who care deeply about this issue.

VAFF fiercely supports campaigns such as #starringjohncho, #whitewashout and #oscarssowhite and we hope by hosting the "Asians in Movies" Summit and Campaign Contests, we can facilitate real change in the film industry. Barbara Lee, founder of VAFF tells her story about the "Asians in Movies" Campaign.

Campaign - LOGLINE Competition

VAFF is offering screenwriters an opportunity to promote their loglines and story ideas for a feature film to producers and other film industry professionals.  VAFF will choose 12 winning loglines and produce a movie poster based on VAFF’s interpretation of the chosen loglines to be included in its twelve month calendar (the “Competition”). 

There is no monetary or other type of prizes besides inclusion in the VAFF Calendar.
Although, a written screenplay is not required for the Competition, it may be best to have one ready in the event there is interest in your logline. 

What is a Logline?

A logline is one or two sentences explaining what the story is and why it is compelling. The purpose of a logline is to provide a “teaser” or headline or a sales slogan for what your screenplay is about.  It should hook the reader into wanting to read your full story.

Important Information


"Logline Competition" Online Application

Campaign - CALENDAR project

To celebrate the Vancouver Asian Film Festival's 20th Anniversary and create a 2017 calendar that features attractive and interesting Asian males and females from all walks of life. We are looking for dynamic people familiar with the issues of diversity representation in media and film and who exhibit enthusiasm for film and video. Twelve candidates across Canada and the U.S. will be chosen for a photo shoot in Vancouver, BC.

To challenge and change the perceptions of Hollywood and mainstream media to consider Asian leads in casting and everyday storytelling. 

Diversity-driven and pointedly commentating, the Calendar should incite continued dialogue currently springboarding off #oscarssowhite and #whitewashing casting of big-budget film productions.

12 movie posters with Asian leads, designed to promote writers' loglines as well as Asian faces in movies, culminating in a 12-month calendar — a marketing and promotional tool to share with studio/network executives, producers, directors and the general public.

Important Information


"Asians In Movies Calendar" Contest Online Application

Key Dates


January 31, May 31, August 31, 2017
Online Application Quarterly deadline
November 2016, March, July, October 2017
3 finalists selection per Quater
November 2016 - November 2017
Campaign Production
November 2017
Campaign Product Launch


Asians In Movies Summit - Nov 4 - 5, 2016

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