Asians in Movies



To celebrate Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary and create a 2017 Calendar that features sexy and attractive Asian males and females from all walks of life and profession.
To challenge and change the perceptions of Hollywood and mainstream media to consider Asian leads in casting and everyday storytelling.
Diversity-driven and pointedly commentating, the Calendar should incite continued dialogue currently springboarding off #oscarssowhite and #whitewashing casting of big-budget film productions.


12 MOVIE POSTERS with Asian leads, designed to promote writers’ loglines as well as Asian faces in movies, culminating in a 12 month calendar— a marketing and promotional tool to share with studio/network executives, producers, directors and the general public.

Contestants Questions

1) How can Hollywood work towards being more inclusive of Asian characters and talent?

2) Describe a childhood experience watching Asians in media and how it may or may not have influenced your decisions growing up and finding a profession in North America?

3) Hollywood often says “it’s just business” and that the North American Asian population is not large enough as an audience to cater content to? How would you respond to this?

Important Information

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"Asians in Movoies" Campaign Contest Online Application

Key Dates

Online Application deadline:  August 10, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. (EST)
12 Finalists selection:             month of August 2016
Campaign Production            month of September 2016
Campaign Promotion             month of October 2016
Final Product Launch             November 3 - 6, 2016